Living and working in London, developing with with ASP.net and Sitecore CMS.


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  1. Michael Green

    Hello Paul,
    We are using the Sitecore Redirect Module for a U.S. website. How does it work for different language versions? Right now when I create a redirect in the US version, I get redirect like this http://website.com/en/redirect. However, I am also getting the same redirect when I setup one in UK site. Should I not get http://website/en-gb/redirect when creating one on the UK site?
    Thank you,

  2. SAm

    Heya Paul,

    Was testing you redirect module but couldn’t make it work on a multi site solution (duplicated tree)…redirects are activated for both and in the accompanying table, Sites column is always null when I save a redirect rule for a node for a site.



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