How to copy a project from VSS and remove bindings.

If you want to duplicate the solution to add to a new source control system.
A simple option is to:

  1. Duplicate the local working folder to another folder.
  2. Open the new copy solution in Visual Studio
  3. File > Source Control > Change Source Control
  4. Check / Select all items
  5. Choose [Unbind] for each project to remove any association between the copy folder, and VSS.
  6. Enable options to show hidden and system files in Windows Explorer.
  7. Delete all files ending with *.scc, *.vspscc, *.user, *.vssscc, *.suo
  8. Add the copy folder into the new source control system.

Problems with this include loosing all history information. Going forwards, you’re starting at the current state with nothing to roll back to.

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